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Daniel Hulston

"I’m glad I chose them to represent my home and to be involved in my journey."

From the time I met with Daniel and Mitch, they made me feel very comfortable and happy with how they explained the process and their self presentation.
I did have a previous agent who had the property on the market for 3 months and didn’t achieve a result I was happy with. Daniel and Mitch got more buyers through my door, which lead to a result after the first weekend on the market.

As an older person I didn’t realise marketing played such a big role in finding the buyers.
Because of this, I am very happy and can move onto the next chapter of my life.
Daniel and Mitch are both very decent guys, pleasant and easy to talk to and they explain every step of the process.
I have recommended both Daniel and Mitch to all my friends and neighbours. I’m glad I chose them to represent my home and to be involved in my journey.
Kathy Sabotin
11 Napunyah Way, St Clair
Mitch Paxton

"I knew then and there he was going to be the one I was going to trust to sell my beloved family home."

I recently made a decision to put my home up for sale. I had no faith in any agent - I hold them in the same category as any car salesman. They don't tell you the truth and they only tell you what you want to hear. I can think of some other colorful words to sum up real estate agents, unfortunately I cant print those words.

I am a very straight shooter I don't hold back and tell it how it is which a lot of people don't like. I am a very hard person to deal with as I don't do stupid people very well. I made many calls to various agents getting there advice and appraisals then my very last call I made to Laing+Simmons Penrith requesting an appraisal.

The very minute the receptionist answered the phone I thought MMMM okay maybe? The lady was such a nice lady. 45 mins later my doorbell rang - I answered the door to a young gentleman whom I was very upfront with and told him exactly what my thoughts were about real estate agents. He was polite and astute. We sat down and I dished it out again - the response was silence however extremely polite once again and he told me what I didn't want to hear about the falling market - I barked and refused to accept what he told me. His final words to me was "I am honest". That young mans name is Mitch Paxton.

We parted that day and his establishment left a solid memory of trust in my mind. I knew then and there he was going to be the one I was going to trust to sell my beloved family home.

It went to market, from day one this man put his heart and soul into it. I hammered him good and proper over the 6 week period, especially in the first half. He remained calm and professional throughout my hammering.

The house sold for what the market said it was worth - Mitch was bang on the mark from that very first day with the price. He was the only one whom was honest with me from the start.

Yes, I am a very proud home owner, yes, I wanted top dollar for my lovely home however the market is the market. Mitch made me realize reality in this crazy down turn we are all experiencing in prices. 2018 is no longer 2017 in prices.

I have also met Daniel briefly whom I found to be a very professional ,natural down to earth businessman.

To Marisa, whom is the driver behind Laing+Simmons Penrith, I take my hat off to your staff. Especially Mitch, who handled the sale of my home with honesty and with great integrity from day one.

To Laing+Simmons Penrith, congratulations on superb customer service. If anyone wants honesty and integrity with an agent, contact Laing+Simmons Penrith.

- Stephen Wall
Marisa Egan

"We were referred through a friend of ours and she definitely held her fantastic reputation."

I highly recommend Marisa and her staff. We were referred through a friend of ours and she definitely held her fantastic reputation. With her wisdom of words and wonderful photography that they deliver, we have we've managed to get renters locked in after the first open home which has happened on both times we've had our homes on the market. They do their homework on their applicants to ensure you as a landlord have a stress free journey during a tenants stay. I cannot thank you guys enough for all your hard work you have done over the past 3 years.

Joseph Buttigieg
Daniel Hulston

"Our experience was a 10 out of 10"

We met many agents but from the moment we met and decided to have Daniel represent us, we knew he would be the right person for the sale of our home. Together we set a goal, which to his full credit, Daniel embraced, respected and achieved.
The result was a sale that was exactly where we wanted it too be. His sense of responsibility, pride and diligence is a rarity these days. We always felt that Daniel was one step ahead in removing the potential doubt or stress that can come with "letting go" of a home.

We placed a level of trust in him and we were totally comfortable in allowing him full access when showing people through. Daniel constantly had a positive attitude and showed a genuine interest in us. He was always honest, never stepped over the mark and was always there to reassure us when the stress started to make us doubt ourselves. Our experience was a 10 out of 10. Thank you Daniel!

Gary Brierley - 23 Cliffbrook Crescent, Leonay
Marisa Egan

"Best real estate agents I have dealt over the years"

They always provide an outstanding service, ready to help with all your needs and questions about realty. Best real estate agents I have dealt over the years, very professional. I highly recommend Laing+Simmons Penrith to anyone.

Nurullah Ozdogan
Daniel Hulston

"We would recommend them to anyone"

We wish to congratulate Daniel Hulston & the team at Laing+Simmons Penrith for their friendly & efficient service selling our much loved home. We would recommend them to anyone requiring the same. We received the best advice on presenting our home & all phone calls were answered promptly.

Yours thankfully,
John & Enid Cleary
Marisa Egan

"He told me that Marisa is one of the best property managers in the area."

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter as a personal reference for Marisa Egan. I know Marisa through Laing+Simmons Penrith and I believe I am qualified to make a recommendation on her behalf as she has been actively managing my properties since 2013.

I have known Marisa for around three years and in that time I have found her to be honest, reliable, hard working, conscientious and extremely courteous.

Marisa has proven herself countless times when it comes to possessing the skills and abilities to not only successfully manage properties but also be fully rounded as a director of a real estate agency. Her proven track record was highlighted to me after I purchased an investment property last year, the selling agent tried also get the rental listing but after explaining to him that Marisa was already my property manager he told me that Marisa is one of the best property managers in the area.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Marisa to any property investors or developers that are looking for an A Class property manager and all round real estate agent that always goes over and beyond to insure her clients are happy.

I trust that the information provided will be of assistance and will be happy to provide further information, if required.

Yours Faithfully,
Aloi Dirani
Marisa Egan

"I have found the staff to be very caring and hard working."

I have been renting from Laing+Simmons Penrith for the past 12 months and in that time I have found the staff to be very caring and hard working when it comes to their tenants. If I have, on the odd occasion, needed any repairs they have responded with same day service. On a personal note the staff at Laing+Simmons Penrith are beautiful people so I highly recommend them as a real estate.

- Shantel Archbold
Daniel Hulston

"The best in the business!!"

The best in the business!! Highly recommended!! Daniel went above and beyond and exceeded all of our expectations! Look forward to working with you again Daniel.

- Vera Smilevski
Marisa Egan

"With Marisa I feel my properties are in good hands."

To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Marisa Egan for approximately six months now as the new manager of my investment properties in Western Sydney.

Marisa came on board when things were not doing too well with a previous property manager. She had to not only manage my properties but fix up the mess that left my investments in a bad way. She did an admiral job for which I thank her.

When it comes to communication and professionalism Marisa has these qualities in trumps. She has shown patience, empathy and experience in the field of property management that I have not seen in anyone else in my 15 years in rental properties.

If I ask her a question to which she does not know the answer, this occurs very rarely, she finds out the answer in a timely fashion and gets right back to me. I trust her answers and recommendations as, to-date, she has not let me down.

With Marisa I feel my properties are in good hands. She is someone I can happily recommend to others as I know she would not let them or me down. If she did, it would be letting herself down and she is not prepared to do that.

If the reader wishes to ask any question of me regarding Marisa, I will be only too happy to elucidate on any of the above.

Mrs Diane Finlay
Laing+Simmons Beyond the Expected
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